A world where patients living with chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU) are given the diagnosis and treatment they need to provide effective symptom control?

We worked with Novartis to lift the lid on the reality of living with CSU; to help other visualise the affect of this life-altering condition. We called it THE UNINVITED; a hard-hitting short film and suite of illustrations that brought to life patient quotes from a social listening report conducted by Novartis. We aimed to shine a light on the true horror that many patients live with every day.

We worked closely with a specialist horror illustrator to create the shocking suite of monsters to match quotes from the social listening report, designed to stop the viewer in their tracks.

As well as the video, the campaign featured office posters, social posts and an internal presentation slide deck

Chronic spontaneous urticaria is a monster. A looming and heavy darkness that is ever present.

It envelops me in its jagged claws and ignites fires on my skin. It is raw, it is insistent, my body is screaming.

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